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Golden Butterfly

Stories for the Soul


The world is changing and so are we. The wind is carrying the soft song of a new way of living and being. A new creation is quietly but firmly taking root, guided by the sweet and luminous Presence within and around us. 

In this light, I am inspired to write stories for the children of today and adults who aspire, with the hope and the wish that it touches and awakens that within them which is eternal, so that life on Earth can truly become wonderful, magical and harmonious. 

Two Stories

Shonottara - The Golden Butterfly

Ian - The Loving Mango Tree

Shonottara - The Golden Butterfly_Urvi Shah_slight amplifiedUrvi
00:00 / 11:02
Ian-The Loving Mango tree_ Urvi ShahUrvi
00:00 / 10:30

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"Just a masterpiece this story. Mesmerising, true, a quest finding fulfilment - one would wish happening to every young one who aspires. "

J, On Samara  and the Golden Bird

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