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About Us

The world is changing and so are we.  The wind is carrying a soft song of a new way of living and being. A new creation is firmly but quietly taking root guided by a sweet and luminous Presence within and around us. In this light, at Golden Butterfly, we are inspired to publish stories that awaken this eternal truth within us, so that life on Earth can become truly harmonious, beautiful and magical!

About Urvi 


I am Urvi, from Kolkata, India. I have a Master of Arts in Development Studies from IIT Madras. After working in the development sector for a while, in 2018, I moved into the space of alternative education. While exploring various pathways such as Waldorf and Integral education, I found art, music and stories as beautiful means of reaching the child. In the process of being with children, I also began writing stories for them. The stories I have written so far have emerged quite spontaneously, sometimes out of my own experiences, sometimes inspired by my interactions with the children I teach. 

I  founded Golden Butterfly a while back to make my work available to a wider audience.  

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