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Arya - The Faithful Friend
  • Arya - The Faithful Friend

    Arya is a beautiful, cheerful child in communion and ease with the world of trees, flowers and animals. On her first day at school, she befriends Indrani. Soon, they become best of friends taking to each other like birds take to the sky.


    One day, Indrani brings a crystal elephant to school. As Arya takes it into her hands, it slips and breaks. Indrani is furious. However much Arya tries, her friend refuses to forgive her.  A sadness creeps into Arya. As she searches for a way to rebuild her friendship with Indrani, help comes to her from the Divine keeper of her favourite tree. 

    This story is about healing relationships, love and forgiveness. Oftentimes, our hearts harden, under layers of anger and sadness, turning relationships bitter. The story of Arya and Indrani tries to show a way to heal our hearts, allowing love to flow again. 


      Written story file (pdf) + Audio file (mp3)


      Teachers, parents and adults may read aloud this story to children. Alternatively, it may be given to the children to read themselves depending on their abilities. The child, thereafter may be asked to recount or draw their favourite part. 

      Please feel free to use the story creatively along with art, music, puppets etc., as you are inspired, albeit, without changing or diluting the purity of intent. 

    • FOR WHOM?

      This story is for children (age 7+) and adults.

    • A SNIPPET (Audio)